Saw blade cover

کاور تیغ اره

Saw blade cover

Usually, band saw blades are produced in rolls of 50, 70 and 100 meters by manufacturers. In order to protect the teeth, easy and safe transportation, a strip should be used on the teeth of the saw blade. To learn more about the reasons for using a band saw blade, stay with us with this article from the series of specialized articles on the band saw blade.

The material of the blade tip of band saws

If you read the article, what is a bimetal band saw blade? You have noticed that the body of the band saw blade is made of spring steel and the tip of the band saw blade is made of high-speed steel (HSS). The main positive characteristic of high-tempered steels is the ability to cut hard metals, and the negative characteristic is brittleness.

Band razor cover cover material

The best material for making the blade of band saws is PVC. But plastic material can also be used to make band saw blades.

How to cover band saw blade teeth

The first method is the fastest and best method for covering the teeth of the band saw blade. In this method, the band saw machine is used. In electric tensioning devices, you must first place the band saw blade in the device. And cut a few centimeters of the saw blade manually. And the rest of the operation is done automatically by the device.
The second method is to use a manual cash machine. In this method, a band saw blade is placed in the machine. And all the stages of excavation are done by the operator.

The cost of covering the band razor cover

All the band saw blades ordered in the Saw.com blade collection are provided to the customers in a packaged form.

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