Stone cutting disc saw and its types

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Stone cutting disc saw and its types

Diamond disc saws for stone cutting are divided into three main groups, segmented diamond disc saws, continuous edge diamond disc saws, and turbo diamond disc saws. You are also a good disk.

Stone cutting disc saw blades are produced in different sizes and models, each of which has a different function compared to each other, in the rest of this article we will introduce you to the types of stone cutting diamond disc saw blades.
Note: The blade edges of stone cutting diamond disc saws are usually made of hard-wearing metals such as nickel, tungsten carbide (artificial diamond crystals), etc., which are welded to the steel body of the saw blade through laser welding.

۱- Diamond Segmented Blades

The most diverse and widely used group of diamond disc saw blades is the segmented model. This saw blade can cut a wide range of materials such as asphalt, concrete, table, various types of stone such as marble, marble, dekton, granite, travertine, ceramic, Cut hard construction materials and other similar items easily.

It is worth noting that this model of saw blade has a very large variety of sizes, but usually the size of 250 mm and above is more useful and they are used in manual, portable and workshop stone cutting machines.
Note: This model can be used in both dry and wet cuts.

The advantage of using a segmented model
Very high cutting speed
Very good cutting surface quality (less than the blade of continuous edge diamond disc saws)
Excellent chipping and penetration
Improving air flow and reducing temperature during cutting
Creates less dust than continuous edge saw blades
Very long life

The space between the segments of stone cutting disc saw blades is called Gullets or gaps, the existence of these gaps improves air flow, reduces dust generation, reduces heat and better transport of slurry from the cut, as well as maintaining the cutting performance of the saw blade. it helps.

Wide slot disc (U):

The more abrasive the material, the greater the groove between the segments for better air movement and temperature reduction. Wide groove diamond saw blades have a very high cutting speed and are suitable for deep cuts.
Wide groove disc saw blades are mostly used for cutting asphalt and thick stones.
Note: The cutting surface of the wide groove diamond saw blade is much lower than other models due to the very high cutting speed.

Narrow groove disc (U):

This model is the best choice for cutting building stones that require a smooth cutting surface due to its accurate and burr-free cuts, the cutting speed and the sound produced in it is less than the blade of wide groove saws.
Note: The narrow groove diamond saw blades can be used to cut all kinds of stones such as marble, granite, and even concrete.
Grain groove disc (E): Like the wide groove model, they have a very high cutting speed, but the sound produced during cutting is much less. The grain groove diamond saw blade can be used to cut all kinds of thick stones.

Key slot disc: If you have a variety of cuts, the best option for you is to use a key slot diamond saw blade. The cutting speed of key slot diamond saw blades is higher than that of narrow slot diamond saw blades and less than that of wide slot diamond saw blades. At the same time, the quality of the cutting surface is lower than the blade of the narrow slot diamond saws.

۲- Diamond Continuous Rim Blades

The continuous edge diamond disc saw blades are mostly used for fine cuts that require a smooth and smooth work surface such as tiles and ceramics, the amount of shavings in this model is much less than the segmented model.
Continuous edge diamond disc saw blades are usually produced from 100 to 350 mm in size. They are used from size 100 to 125 for manual machines (milling saw) and from size 125 and above for portable stone cutting machines.

J-Slot disc saw blades are one of the latest designs of continuous edge disc saw blades, the J-slot like this saw blade reduces temperature, increases service life, increases cutting speed, reduces breakage and maintains cutting accuracy. J-Slot diamond disc saw blades are mostly used for precise, delicate and burr-free cuts, such as cutting ceramics, tiles, and all kinds of stones such as marble.
Note: The cutting sound of J-Slot saw blades is much lower than that of ordinary saw blades.
Note: J-slot saw blades are mostly used for dry cuts.

Disc saw
The advantage of using continuous edge model of stone cutting
Very smooth and smooth cutting surface, very little chipping
Suitable for delicate cuts and no burrs
More resistance to failure than conventional models
Very good longevity
Suitable for wet cuts
Suitable for cutting tiles, ceramics and other similar items that are easy to chip.

۳- Diamond Turbo Blades

This model is considered the newest type of diamond disc saws for stone cutting, which, in addition to high speed, have excellent cutting surface quality, that is, they have both the features of the segmented model and continuous edge at the same time, the edge of turbo diamond disc saws It is integrated and has a groove on the segments.

By using turbo diamond saw blades, you can cut a wide range of hard and soft materials such as tiles, ceramics, all kinds of stones (marble, granite, travertine) and construction materials. Diamond disc saws are usually in sizes of 100 to 250 mm are available.

The advantage of using the turbo diamond model
Very high cutting speed
The quality of the cutting surface is excellent
Has a groove for ka

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