What is a band saw machine?

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History of the band saw machine

The idea of the band saw dates back to at least 1809. When William Newbrick patented this device in England. But this invention due to lack of ability to produce. The double-sided and low-quality saw blades were unusable. The constant bending of the saw blade on the wheels or pulleys has reduced the life of the saw blade. Also, the cutting volume would reduce the efficiency of this device.

Nearly 40 years later, a French lady named Anne Pauline Crepin removed this obstacle by inventing the method of connecting and welding the device. In 1846, he applied for a patent for this device and soon sold the right to purchase it to the manufacturer Perrin Company in Paris, France. Combining this method with new steel alloys and cooling techniques allowed this French lady to produce the first steel cutting blades. For the first time, the band saw machine was made in an American steel saw blade factory.

What is a band saw?

The band saw is one of the most important tools in the wood industry workshop. The first band saw design was registered in England in 1808. The band saw machine may be horizontal or vertical. The band saw machine can be used in various tasks such as cutting arcs, longitudinal cutting, cutting fine wood, cutting crotch and tongue and converting wood grain into lumber and boards, cutting thick wood and other works. In addition, in some saws, it is possible to tilt the saw and create angular cuts and compound angles. All kinds of band saws have been designed and produced for the use of the metalworking industry. These types of saws with new designs have many capabilities with which you can cut all kinds of metals with great precision.

Band saws have several major advantages over reciprocating saws. These advantages include creating a narrower cut that causes less waste, fast and efficient cutting that lowers the cost per cut, and smooth and accurate cutting. In this method, a metal saw, the teeth of which are designed in a very precise way for a specific cut, is connected to a steel body that is flexible and at the same time strong, which is resistant to tension, and the material of the body and teeth may be different or integrated. becomes This blade is circular around 2 axes. (Wheel patch) is fixed. And a motor is connected to one of these plates to generate rotation force.

The blade of these saws

In this case, the blade is in a section of the channel of the 2 supporting arms. passed And in the section between the arms, the blade is kept completely flat and without slipping to meet the workpiece. In this method, the saw is in constant contact with the work piece Continues to cut. Then, with the development of the industry of using band saw machines, these machines entered other industries such as textile industries (to cut all kinds of fabrics and leather). Food industries (for cutting meat, bread, fish, etc.), construction industries (for cutting stone, glass, rubber), sanitary industries (for cutting paper towels, cardboard, etc.) and other industries.

The band saw blade was made of a type of metal. which had a short useful life compared to today’s saw blades. By conducting tests and advancing technology and by combining metals, in addition to increasing the lifespan, the efficiency of the saw blade was optimized. The saw blade is divided into two parts, monometallic and bimetallic. Due to the fact that the saw blade can easily rotate around the flakes, the material of the saw blade body must be suitable, therefore it is suitable metal that has spring properties and flexibility in addition to being hard.

اره نواری

band saw

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