How the band saw blade welding machine works

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How the band saw blade welding machine works

Due to the wide variety of band saw blade sizes of the manufacturing companies. Band saw blades produce their products in rolls of 30, 50, 75, 100 and 130 meters. As a result, for the final consumption, the band saw blades should be cut and welded according to the consumption size. Pneumatic and manual scissors are usually used for band saw cutting. And for welding the strip razor, due to the fact that it is made of two metals (the body material is spring steel, the tip material is sharp steel over HSS). the strip razor must be used with advanced welding machines.

Why should you use a band saw blade welding machine to weld a band saw blade?

Flash Butt Welding method is the only method. in which the intermediate metal known as the electrode is. involved in the welding process and exactly the material of the band saw body itself is mixed and hardened. In this method, the hardness of the welding part reaches up to 90% of the hardness of the body of the band saw blade. And still the most vulnerable part of the saw blade will be the welding area. Therefore, if you use other devices for band saw welding. You will surely quickly encounter the failure of the band saw weld.

How the strip razor welding machine works

The strip welding machine performs the welding process through Flash Butt Welding. In this method, first cut a strip with two ends of the razor so that they are in the same direction and at the same height. Place them face to face. After placing the two ends of the band blade facing each other, one of the machine’s jacks creates a small gap between the two ends of the saw blade. until the induction current produced by the electrodes of the device passes through the empty space between the two ends of the tape blade and causes an electric arc and paste between the two ends of the tape blade. After the two ends of the saw blade become a paste, one of the hydraulic jacks compresses the two ends of the saw blade so that they are mixed together.After the end of the welding operation, the machine anneals the welding area twice.

To increase the flexibility and tensile strength of the strip blade. After the end of each step of the annealing operation, the device rapidly cools the annealing area with air pressure. To increase the quality of the weld. In the last step, the appendage should be removed from the welding site. And the welding area should be the same level as the body of the strip razor. In some strip razor welding machines, this operation is performed automatically by the machine itself, and in the machines that do not have this feature, a grinding machine must be used to remove the appendages.

Band saw blade welding machine

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