What is a circular saw blade?

Disc saw

What is a circular saw blade?

A disc saw is a saw that was first produced in the 19th century by America and was used to cut all metal and non-metal parts such as stone and iron. The disc saw blade has teeth on a circular cross-section and with a hole or holes in its center, it is installed to the saw machine and enters the piece horizontally and starts the cutting operation.

Types of cutting machines with disc saw blades

Cutting machines, according to the disk blade they have. They are also divided into different types, including cutting machines with sanding stones, disc saw machines, and friction cutting machines. We will examine each of them in the following article.

Grinding machines

In this type of machine, there is a thin sanding disc. It cuts parts such as glass, ceramics and metals with fast rotation. In addition, cutting with sandpaper cutting machines can be done with both wet and dry methods. In dry cutting, the cross-section will not burn and will not have any pleats, but compared to the dry method, it will take longer. Also, when we want to cut faster and the accuracy of dimensions is not so important, we also use dry cutting with sandpaper.

Disc saw machine

In this type of machine, a serrated disk saw blade is used to cut the parts precisely.

Friction cutting machines

In this type of machine, the cutting blade rotates at a very high speed and cuts the piece by melting the material due to high friction. Today, friction cutting machines are usually used in factories such as steel factories to cut large steel pieces.

How to work with a circular saw

In order to work with a disc saw, the desired sheet or piece must be fixed on the work table so that it does not move during cutting.

After you have marked the cut. Turn on the device. And perform the cutting operation with skill and without moving your hand. Note that if you don’t have the skills to do this, you can use a metal or wooden ruler.


Disc saw

What is a circular saw blade?

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